The Origin Story

I'm a fourth generation professional photographer. When my Dad worked for the Eastman Kodak Company, they sent our family out to the National Parks (Sequoia and Estes) each summer so that he could lead photo walks to park visitors. To teach them how to capture the park through the lens. At the end of each weekend, we would help him set up a slideshow in the amphitheater, us kids running cords under benches and sitting around the fire with the ranger as Dad led the show. One of my clearest early memories was walking by his side in Sequoia at the age of three, and thinking "this is how you raise kids" and knew that I wanted to make a living as a photographer, to bring me closer into nature.

In 2008, I started Stacey Vaeth Photography in Washington, D.C. and in 2016 I grew to create a bi-coastal business in Seattle, WA. Along that journey, a lot of physical objects were shed. When I unpacked my boxes, I realized that most of what remained had been hand-crafted and inspired by the natural world.

And that’s how the idea for Bird&Fish, Co. was born. In this day of disposable everything, I wanted to create high-quality and unique items to bring a little more joy into the everyday. My work brings me into nature, and my products bring nature into the everyday.

All of the images on Bird & Fish, Co. products feature my photography from the gorgeous natural landscapes of the United States and Canada, taken along country drives or month long sails.

Feel free to inquire about locations of certain images, or to see if I have an image of a place sacred to you.